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About Hangcha Group

Hangcha Group Co., Ltd. , initially known as a machine tools plant, was established in 1956. In 1974, Hangcha started its forklift truck business.

In its 50 years till now, with the philosophy “make the handling easier” and customer-oriented management,, Hangcha has been keeping active and innovative, and has gradually developed as one of the forklift leading players in material handling industry, ranked as No 9 in MHM 2013, range covering:

  1. 1、1t-32t diesel engine forklift trucks
  2. 2、45t reach truck handler
  3. 3、1t-8t gasoline/LPG forklift trucks
  4. 4、0.75t -2t three wheel electric trucks
  5. 5、1t-8t four wheel electric trucks
  6. 6、warehouse equipments.
  7. 7、2t-25t electric tow tractor